Your questions answered - Terms & Conditions The Bar, Guardamar Park

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 This is for all our events at The Bar, Rincon La Luna, Guardamar Park

Outdoor Event

Whilst we are very lucky with the weather here in Spain, we do have to consider that an event might be cancelled due to bad weather. In that case, you will be refunded or offered an alternative date.

Please note the bands and order of appearance are subject to change and whilst we will endeavour to announce any changes on social media, last minute changes may not be possible to announce.

VIP Seating

There are exactly the number of chairs and tables for all VIP guests but you may have to share your table with other VIP'S.


We will not allow shading umbrellas during the performances as this would impede the view of people sat behind you. Only in the breaks between performances, can you raise shading umbrellas. You are strongly advised to bring a hat and there will be hats on sale. We may make exceptions ONLY if your table is at the back and does not impede the view of any other tables. If you have a medical condition that necessitates shade - please arrive in good time so that you can get a table that allows for this.


This venue is flat and is disabled friendly.

Table Service

There is no table service - all food and drinks are ordered at the bar. Please note this is a cash only venue.

Food & Drink

Only food and drink purchased at the venue is allowed. 


Please check your booking carefully, and notify us immediately of any issues. Refunds are only possible at the discretion of the organisers and their decision is final. Please note if the weather means we have to cancel, you will be offered a refund or alternative date. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions