Here is a list of winners and unclaimed tickets message us through Facebook to claim your prize





Everyone who bought a ticket to the Legends Fiesta before the 28th February was given one ticket that was entered in the draw and these tickets are available for inspection on request.

Once the vouchers are issued by Alannia & Euroresorts, we will email them to the winners


Prize : €100 voucher against any 4 night minimum stay at any Euroresorts venue

Winning ticket Pink Ticket number 47 (AC74 HU65) Paul Swift


PRIZE: 5 Vouchers for daily pass for 2 people to the wellness and pool areas at Alannia Costa Blanca

Winning tickets :-

Blue 56 (AD1Q 6U65)  Sue Spencer

Yellow 463 (AC2Q SU65) Tracey Foster

Pink 124 (AC74 HU65) Kate Connor

Green 58 (1R49 XU66)  UNCLAIMED

Pink 289 (AC74 HU65) Christine Woolsey



Prize: 2 prizes of a cabin stay for 2 nights with breakfast included at Alannia Costa Blanca

Yellow 460 (AC2Q SU65) Debbie Bird

Blue 5 (AD1Q 6U65) Pauline Flooren



One week accomodation at a cabin at Alannia Costa Blanca

Pink 189 (AC74 HU65) Shane Thompson


Thanks to everyone who bought tickets - we will announce the funds raised by it in the next few days. Most especially thanks to our intrepid lottery ticket sellers - what a great job they did. As well as selling raffle tickets they manned the chuck buckets as well. Thanks to Cor, Leny, Amanda & Adrian as well as Rock Against Cancer stand.

Christine Woolsey Debbie Bird  Kate Connor
Pauline Flooren Shane Thompson Sue Spencer
 Tracey Foster    Euroresorts Voucher