Alannia Accumulator

Alannia Accumulator

This form is for entry into  the Alannia Accumulator for the Legends Fiesta 2024 festival. What's That? You donate any amount in multiples of €2.50 and for each donation of €2.50, one entry will be made to the Accumulator. 50% of the monies collected will go to Rock Against Cancer and the other 50% will be split between three winners. That 50% will be split as follows:  first prize will be 85%, the second prize will be 10% and the third prize 5%. 

Spin The Wheel


The night before the festival in March, March 1st, we will 'spin the wheel'. All names of people that have donated will be entered in the 'wheel of fortune' and the winners selected at random by three spins of the wheel.  For each donation of €2.50, your name will be entered on the wheel once.

This process will be recorded live and posted on the website and social media for verification purposes. You will also be able to verify that your name has been entered on the wheel of fortune the correct number of times.


 JACKPOT AS AT 21st January €180


All decisions by the organisers are final.

All donations are accumulated in the JACKPOT and this amount will be published as it grows

50% of the total jackpot will be donated to Rock Against Cancer. The remaining 50% will be divided between three winners (85% first prize, 10% second prize, 5% third prize).

Names of winning donors will be drawn using Wheel Of Fortune the night before the festival starts - 15th October at 6pm. This will be recorded live and available for viewing.

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Enter an amount in multiples of €2.50 please Each €2.50 is one entry in The Accumulator. eg €5.00 would be two entries, €20 would be 8 chances to win.

If you want names other than yours, as the payee, entered in the Accumulator - please enter the names in the box. Each €2.50 is one entry and one name entered.

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